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At Egenbacher Property Management, our goal is to provide a quality-driven, property management service that gives our clients peace of mind knowing their investments are treated like our own. With extensive knowledge of all facets of the industry, we bring a holistic approach that ensures maximum return.

Our management style is driven by relationships – with our employees, with our investors and with our tenants. We listen to all parties to proactively problem solve and maintain buildings with the highest standard of excellence.

What we do

Leasing and Lease Administration icon
Leasing and Lease Administration

Equipped in all areas of the real estate industry, our team tracks and audits leases and related documents, provides billing and collections services, maintains accurate records and key lease dates and more — our experienced team performs all aspects for the critical role of administering commercial leases.

Asset Preservation icon
Asset Preservation

We understand the importance of creating and maintaining properties that are consistently upheld to a high standard of physical maintenance and appeal. Our expertly-trained team is forward-thinking in our strategy for the upkeep and preservation of each of our properties to save you time, money and stress in the long-term.

Financial Reporting and Accounting icon
Financial Reporting and Accounting

Utilizing the latest technology, we provide comprehensive financial reports that are in-depth, accurate and timely. Our findings allow us to monitor cash flow and ensure insurance is intact.

Budgeting icon

To provide owners and investors with both short-term and strategic long-term meaningful expense and income forecasting, we use of extensive knowledge and experience gained from many years of income and expense tracking as well as planning and implementing both routine and capital repairs and maintenance.

Tenant Retention icon
Tenant Retention

Our team fully understands the importance of not only attracting new tenants, but building long-term relationships with those tenants to retain them. Through keeping smooth and functional systems in place for open communications and maintaining a well-kept property, we are skilled in keeping new and existing tenants satisfied.

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